Time Hacks

One of my keys to finding a good work/mom balance relies heavily on time hacks. Little activities I do that help me be more efficient so I can spend more time with my family (which for me is the ultimate goal).

Shop on Amazon.

I know, I know… sorry shop local movement! I support you, in theory, but mama’s gotta do what mama’s gotta do. Two key factors to being a working mom is efficiency and frugality, and Amazon offers me both. Diaper cream and fresh diapers arrive at my doorstep in two days – thanks to Prime shipping (no this is not an ad, and Amazon has not paid me for this, but Amazon people, if you’re so inclined to want to pay me, message me for the address! I’m all about cashing checks ;)). In fact, if you use their subscribe and save option, they’ll further cut the price, and energy that you need to think about it, and your essentials will automatically arrive on your doorstep.

Audible.com is your best friend.

What? Why? I like my old best friend! Yeah, but does your best friend fill your head full of amazing knowledge while you fold laundry, or commute, or work out, or meal prep or soak in the tub (ok, we don’t always have time for a soak…but you get the idea). Reading is ideal, but a great time hack to get the information is audible. I play it from my phone with headphones or even through our home speakers. I can catch up on the news with their free New York Times subscription, listen to the latest best seller, learn a language, and do my personal development all while I do my chores.

Meal Prep.

There are so many ways that meal prep can save you time. The way we do it at our house is to cook on Sunday, and eat left overs all week long. No, we don’t make it 100% through the week, but we do pretty well and try to improve each week. It saves us SO much time to just come home, and have our meals ready. We prep lunches too. This is a huge time and money saving strategy. There are ways you can kick it up a notch too. For example, pick a cookbook you love and cook out of there. Generally, you will find that a lot of the ingredients will overlap from recipe to recipe, so you don’t necessarily need to buy new ingredients each week (or wonder what on earth you are going to do with all of that turmeric!). That saves you time and money. We’re currently loving  Dave Asprey’s The Bulletproof Diet Cookbook (for more info on the Bulletproof Diet, click here). Another time hack for meal prep? Do it together as a family. Not only will it help you finish faster, but the kitchen is a great place for many lessons. Teach babies about colors, shapes, smells, or help older kids learn fractions, measurements, and time management. It’s a great relationship exercise too. My husband and I always try to find fun ways to improve our communication skills, and there’s no better way than learning to synergize in our kitchen!

Stack activities when possible.

My husband and I love having breakfast on Sunday mornings. But that is also our time to meal plan, and grocery shop. How do we stack those? We hit up the Whole Foods breakfast bar for Sunday morning breakfast. It is delicious, healthy, and we can each have what we want. We eat at Whole Foods while we meal plan and have a family meeting (and sometimes just do some people watching). The best part is…when we’re done…we’re already at the store and can finish our shopping! We make a game of stacking activities whenever possible.

Try some of these awesome time saving strategies, or share some of your own, below!


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