This morning, I stole…

…15 minutes for myself. Well okay, maybe a little more than that because I had to blog about it after…

For the first time in the 21 weeks since my ab wall was cut and a tiny person pulled out of it (too graphic? should I stop saying that to people?), I was able to do a light work out. What took me so long? Oh, you know, recovering from surgery and all that. And working. And raising a child. And all the things that come with all of those things. But today, I stole 15 minutes.

15 minutes I desperately had been hoping for for weeks now. I didn’t do much. I started with a stretch, the old go tos: touching your toes, moving your neck from side to side, stretching your arms. Feeling excited, I decided to go for it. The baby seemed to be entertained and content on his own in his bassinet, so I seized the opportunity. Carpe Diem, man. A few cat cows, a couple of sets of crunches, a happy baby (the yoga pose…) and a resting pose in between. Then, feeling ambitious, into a couple of downward dogs, pigeon stretches and planks. I ended it all with a sweet 5 minute meditation.

It left me so excited; so rejuvenated; so HAPPY! Feeling those old muscles stretch, was like being reunited with some long-lost old friends. You don’t know how much you miss them until they’re gone. Welcome back, old friends. I can’t guarantee I’ll see you every day, but I’m excited to know that it doesn’t take long for us to check in with each other. I’d like to say I’ll see you tomorrow, but the truth is I have to tend to my newborn above all else. Here’s hoping, though.

If you want to get a good stretch, here’s how to do some of the poses I did today. No, I’m no Fitness Guru. In fact, pregnancy left me sadly out of shape. I ate bean and cheese burritos like they were prenatal vitamins. And it’s not like once that baby comes out, suddenly all of your healthy eating habits that you spent 9 months systematically undoing, come back). But I have spent many years doing (doing, dabbling in, same diff) yoga, Pilates, Barre, prenatal yoga, Piyo, and every hybrid of them…so needless to say, I’ve done the routine. But here are some professional YouTube ladies to show you how!

I think it’s my responsibility and duty to say (because I’ve read this other places…) that you should never start any workout routine without consulting your Physician…especially if you’ve recently given birth, but you’re a grown up, so you do you! Just don’t blame me if something goes wrong…I warned you! 😉

Workin’ Mom
Cat Cow:


Happy Baby:

Resting Pose (aka Child’s Pose, Half-Tortoise, etc.):

Downward Dog:

Pigeon Stretch:




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