I’m definitely one of those people that sets resolutions. As is the case with many people, I don’t last long. But each year, I swear this will be THE year I stick to them! So, here I am, vowing once again to stick to my New Year’s resolutions. And they are tricky ones. One of my resolutions is to learn to set boundaries. It sounds so silly, right? Yeah, it does unless you don’t know how to set boundaries! I often find myself agreeing to do too many things, because I can’t say no. Or going along with things because I don’t want to disrupt the status quo. Not this year! The key to balancing life as a working mom is to prioritize. Which means, learning to say no and set boundaries. Now, I’m off to brainstorm how one sets boundaries (as I know my husband will surely ask “what’s your strategy for that?”). If you have any good tips, please share them in the comments!


The Workin’ Mom

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