New Mom. New Blogger.

Hi Blog world – Newbie here. New mom. New Blogger. Fitting for a New Year. No, this isn’t a resolution, nor is it a passing fad (hopefully). I’ve long wanted to start a blog and as I navigate my world in 2017, I wonder if there aren’t any others out there who are having similar experiences. Maybe we can all share some of our stories with each other.

My husband and I just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. Yup, we’re still technically newlyweds, and just in case my world didn’t have enough going on between him and our 4 month old son, we have also spent the last year of our lives pouring every ounce of ourselves into our business. So, that’s me in a nutshell. Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur. Hyper ambitious, but also hyper exhausted. Can you be hyper exhausted? That’s an oxymoron. Unless you’re so exhausted, you get hyper…sort of like my son does when he is overtired and refusing to nap.

Stick with me folks, it will get better as I figure this blog stuff out! 🙂

Until then, good night.


Workin’ Mom

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