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We’re big readers in our family (OK, husband, if you are reading this, yes admittedly some of us are bigger readers than others…).  Here’s what we are currently reading in our house. If you want to know more about any of these books, click the pictures for more info!


Ever since I became a mom, I have engrossed myself in learning about my child. One thing that is of the most importance to me is to help him grow up happy and confident. This book by Edward M. Hallowell talks about how to do just that. The best part about it, is how warm he is and how he draws on examples from his decades as a child psychologist to explain what makes for a happy person (hint – love has a lot to do with it!). It doesn’t read like a text book, yet it still references a lot of studies to back up his methods.


We’re sort of obsessed with Amazon around here. If you read about my time hacks, you know how much we rely on Amazon to help us be efficient as well as frugal. My husband likes to read a biography before bed. It helps him feel inspired to learn about the great accomplishments of others. He recently picked up Jeff Bezos’ bio (he is the creator of Amazon). It’s fun to hear about the early days and formation of the juggernaut we’ve come to know today. For example, did you know that Jeff Bezos was an early investor of the creators of Google? That’s right, without Amazon, Google might not exist today.




Our son is still too young to understand what we are reading to him, but it’s important to us to establish a habit of reading early. For my baby shower, I was blessed to receive a plethora of baby books – each with an inscription from one of our dear friends or relatives. We’ve amassed a small baby book library, and we are making our way through it. Currently, we have been reading (and re-reading and re-reading…kids love repetition!) the Little Engine that Could. I love the can-do message, the gorgeous graphics, and the fact that in the new version, the Little Engine is a girl. Just recently, my son started actually looking at the pictures, and reaching out to touch the pages. It’s truly amazing to watch him grow and develop and with that I hope he finds a love of reading!

What are you currently reading, or what is something great that you have read lately?


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